Thursday, October 30, 2008

What is a Wyng?

And is it special that it is boneless?

I recognize that some companies come up with clever names for products by changing good spelling or using phonetic spelling. Some of the time this is good, usually it is pointless. Sometimes it is a detriment to society. I will not buy “chicken fryz.” I taught school children who cannot spell “fries” because of stupid people trying to look original.

I do like to eat chicken, though. Some time ago, a brilliant salesperson came up with the idea to market chicken wings to people and was successful. Let’s face it, what value do the wings have? It is only a tiny bit of meat and hard to get to. Yet people now intentionally buy them. Check out this picture:

Not bad. I’d eat them, though I probably wouldn’t buy them. I would buy something with more meat. Now look at this one:

What value is added by putting a y instead of an i?

I’m not crazy about calling the product, “any’tizers,” but I understand it as marketing and trademarking and so forth. “Wyngs” is just stupid. My IQ dropped just looking at the package.

Check out The Perplexicon for more useless, horrifying, and perplexing spellings on packaged food.


Unknown said...

LOL! Nice... I will have to post that one when we do some Y words!

Ben S said...

Its called Wyngs because they are not like actual wings. Calling them wings would have been too misleading.