Saturday, November 1, 2008

So I’m Self-Righteous? At least I’m Not a [Expletive Omitted].

I want to be absolutely clear about my blog. I know that many of the mistakes I point out are innocent or could be made by anyone. I also know they can be avoided by having people look over something before making it public. The mistakes I make fun of are common ones that anyone beyond elementary school should not make.

Am I overly proud? I hope not. I have plenty of problems and I am constantly trying to improve. I have posted my comments at times with grammar mistakes that readers point out to me. I then change it.

I was reading The Perplexicon yesterday—I check it everyday—and found that the author of the blog was singled out by this article.

The article is called: “Mum, How Do You Spell Self-Righteous”?

I read it. This reporter thinks that people putting up these blogs are self-righteous and overly nit-picky. Look at the blogs used as examples. They are also blogs I check daily. They are funny. None of them are focused on the tiny details this article indicates are worthless. None of them are “grammar Nazis” either. That just shows how idiotic the article is—and possibly the writer.

Most people continue to try and learn new things. These grammar blogs (mine too, though it is not just grammar) can help people learn. Also, they are really amusing.

In fact, I am thankful for the article because I learned what “beg the question” means. Check it out. Incidentally, the article identifies that site as a blog, when it is not.

So, in the end I might demonstrate a little unintended pride by my posts. This article and the people who believe good grammar is only for people who think they are better (in other words, prideful or self-righteous) are even more prideful than the grammar bloggers.

Too many people who blame others for pride are even more proud and self-righteous. They are proud of their willful ignorance.

Which is worse: being proud of learning, or being proud of willful ignorance?


Mike Pittman said...

Your still Self-Righteous. When you are prefect like me, then you can do thsi!


Sarah said...

But words is hard! I can't make the words happen right.