Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Capitalize Your Names, People!

In this election season, I have seen many dumb things candidates do. (Or many dumb candidates, whichever.)

I already exposed Randy Neatherlin. Since then, I did the responsible thing and looked up what he stands for. I even e-mailed him to ask for an explanation, but I never got a response.

Anyway, Mr. Neatherlin’s poster problem is one of misused (or abused) and poorly thought-out style. These next two people are worse. They are at least different. I drive past these signs regularly and finally got around to criticizing them on this blog.

Here are the pictures:

What nit-wit decided that capitalizing names is passé?

Notice Mr. Faulk’s sign. He only included his last name, which means some idiot might think “Elect” is his first name or “State” is his last name. Clearly the sign-maker knows how to use the shift key since the small print contains capital letters.

Now look at Ms. Smeall’s sign. She bothered to capitalize her given name, but decided her family is made up of losers so she didn’t capitalize her family name. At least, that is my working theory. Perhaps they decided her first name would fit better if they used a small s for the last name.

Or perhaps both these people are foolish and don’t deserve to be in office.

I will, of course, look up what they stand for before voting, but the inability to use basic capitalization makes me question their abilities.

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