Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Just Seems Wrong

I just love the Cake Wrecks blog. It is very well done and great to read. I had my camera with me at Safeway about a week ago and took a couple pictures of cakes. Then I saw the cakes I am posting here. I took the pictures and have seen others since then; I got pictures of those also.

Here is the first picture I took:

It is a cute enough idea. I know my daughters would like it. They love Cinderella. I thought the frosting looked a little off. Do you also notice that the plastic ledge of Cinderella’s torso (for lack of a better name to call it) shows? It seems you get half a Cinderella doll and a small cake. My first problem is with the doll. What are you supposed to do with half a doll after the cake is gone? I also find the coloring of the frosting disturbing. I have another problem with the cake, but I’ll get to it later.

In any case, I thought the cake wasn’t too bad for what it was… until I saw this one:

It is still half a doll and a tiny cake, but it is so much better than the previous one.

Check out the Tinkerbell cake as well. It does have a whole doll, though I don’t care for the green flower stem and leaves.

Finally, here are some Barbie cakes that, I believe, actually have a whole doll with the tiny cake. I think these ones are really well done. I found them at Top Foods.

Now I will get to my problem with these cakes. (Actually, I also have a problem with the price-to-cake ratio, but that might be me being cheep.) My problem is with the idea. The eatable part of the cake is the dress. So what does that say? Do you really want to eat the dress off a cake? And this is for children? I am a little disturbed with the concept of stripping Disney figures to celebrate a birthday party.

That just seems wrong to me.

Update: I put all this together and then found that today’s cake at Cake Wrecks is also a doll cake, though it is Halloween-themed. I almost didn’t post this for that reason. I don’t want to compete with Cake Wrecks. That site is so much better than this. Check it out.

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