Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What is the Value of One Who Grants a Lease?

I will admit that spelling has never been my strong point. I also make occasional typos. However, I am well aware of my short-comings and always have someone check my work. Most of the stupid actions and writings I see could be avoided with a little fact-checking.

That said, there are also words and grammar rules that should be so well known that there should never be a mistake. This is especially true if the mistake was made by a professional company.

Take this next sign, for example:

It is a nice looking sign, but has a couple of problems. First, take a look at the last line.

As I said, I am not a great speller, but “lesser” is a common word. “Lessor” is a word most people wouldn’t consider a word. In fact, when you type it into Word, it comes up as an error. Also, this mistake must have passed several people since it was professionally printed. Someone paid for the mistake and then put it up without noticing.

The word “lessor” means one who grants a lease. I suppose if you buy one, you can get another free if you plan to rent it. What is the value of a lessor? I suppose that depends on the person. If I feel I am getting a good deal and really want the thing in question, the lessor would likely have a high value. If I feel I am being ripped off and have no choice and am getting a bad deal, I would likely value the lessor less.

Also, check out the misused quotation marks. What are they trying to hide? I’ll leave that interpretation to others. The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks does a great job exposing misused quotation marks. Check it out.

Update: Someone pointed out that there are only three of the pots left. How did it happen that they have an odd number? How do you get one free when there is only one left?

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Gina said...

Having been a renter myself, there's something I've noticed about rented items...they provide either shelter, comfort, or entertainment. Given that observation, I think it's only fair that I ask what the rented ceramic pot is going to DO for me? It's too small to sleep in, it doesn't have wheels, and it certainly doesn't shout "comfort" to me. Unless it comes with a free clown that jumps out of it...