Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Elementary Capitalization

I know there are some obscure rules of capitalization people rarely use and so they don’t really get it right when they need to. But most capitalization rules are ones we learn in early grades. For example, you always capitalize the names of months and the days of the week. Whoever made this sign I found at K-Mart apparently failed first grade.

This person capitalized the manes of the months, for which we need to give credit. But that means the person knows where the shift key is. No excuse remains for the missing capital letters on the days of the week.

I see this kind of problem all the time. It is extremely common. It shows a lack of thought and/or education. My question is what supervisor approved it. It is up in several places, each one in a plastic sleeve.


Lauren said...

Apparently the word through was too long to spell out, too!

Sarah said...

I think that the lowercase names were intentional. It's often a stylistic choice made by people who think that it just looks cool. They're still jerks.

Incidentally, you said "manes" when you meant to say "names".