Saturday, November 8, 2008

Eat Me! Please

My wife brought me home a treat the other day. It was cute little marshmallow treats shaped like ants.

They taste good, too, thought probably not worth the price. I gave my daughter the queen ant to eat before I thought to take a picture.

First of all, this product shows the ants as cute critters clearly desiring to be devoured. That is either amusing or sick. It is like they are saying, “Eat me, please!”

I had not thought of that application until I went to the Suicide Food blog. That site is great. It seems that all sorts of animals want to be consumed. (Don’t tell PETA!)

Aside from that, the producer of this candy has clearly never seen an ant. Perhaps the research for the candy came from watching “A Bug’s Life.” (Clearly it didn’t come from “Antz.”) This is clear when you count the legs. Each ant has four legs sprouting from random parts of the anatomy.


Braden said...

Until I read your text, I thought I was looking at candy pigs.


Are they even trying?

Steph said...

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