Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who Would Buy This Garbage?

Would you buy this?

That seems to me like a reasonable question. This is a piece of junk. It is ugly. But that isn’t why I submit it as the work of someone who isn’t playing with a full deck. Before I get to my reason, I will tell you where this comes from and show you a picture of it. Sorry the picture isn’t so great; I had a very limited time to take it.

My niece goes to preschool. Her school is doing fundraising in the traditional style: offer parents and relatives high-priced junk and guilt them into buying it.

This picture comes from the catalogue of garbage--I mean items--to choose from. My wife actually spotted it; I glanced through the catalogue and found little of interest and nothing reasonably priced. My wife looked a little closer because she falls for the if-you-don’t-buy-something-you-clearly-don’t-love-the-preschooler-and-by-extention-all-kids guilt trip. (In other words, my wife is so loving, she will buy junk if it will support someone she loves.) Fortunately, my sister-in-law told my wife not to worry about it.

Someone was paid good money to develop this hideous thing. Somehow in whatever process is used to market products, no one seems to have looked at the writing. Likewise, I wonder why the company who set up the catalogue didn’t laugh and reject this item because of the writing.

We learn early in elementary school to capitalize the first letter of a sentence. Later, we learn to capitalize the main words of a title.

Who teaches people to keep the first word lower-case and then capitalize all the other words?

I’m not sure the line break is in the best place, either. I also think the sentence is odd. However, these last two things are opinions. It is the bad capitalization that earns this product a place on this blog.

At least they put a period at the end of the sentence. (I am assuming they did intend it to be a sentence.)

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