Saturday, October 18, 2008

Some People are too Ignorant to Vote

I realize there are a lot of people who disagree with my politics. I disagree with theirs. There are also a lot of people who I feel are being misled and who I feel are misleading. These people are at least trying to be informed. They have a right to vote.

Some people are extremely ignorant when there is no need to be.

I also know the case can be made for some people on both sides. I am posting a clip I found that shows people who are too ignorant to vote. I believe if you looked, you could find these people on both sides. (In other words, this post is not about any specific politics, it is about ignorance.)

This clip is of an interview someone did where they asked Obama supporters if they agreed with McCain’s policies—except they claimed the policies are Obama’s. Sure enough, these ignorant supporters agreed with all the policies since they believed the policies were policies of their own candidate. Evidently, there was one McCain supporter they interviewed who was ignorant of those policies too. (That part of the interview wasn’t on the clip I found.) I can understand a certain amount of ignorance on some specific topics, but what really showed these people’s ignorance was that each of them didn’t even know who the vice presidential candidates are!

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LintyPuppy said...

I appreciate your attempt to be nice and call these folks "ignorant". But there's a difference between ignorance and stupidity, and let's be honest--they clearly fall into category #2.

This is why groups like ACORN are considered so wonderful...they not only get people registered to vote, they practically fill out their ballot as well.

Welcome to the New World.